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TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board will allocate BGN 170,000 to support communities affected by COVID-19

TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board invites foundations, associations and other non-profit organisations to apply for funding aimed at overcoming the challenging impact of COVID-19.
The Community Board funds projects focused on education, health and environment. For the purposes of this open call, the focus will expand to include projects that - have a positive impact on a significant number of people or groups affected by the COVID-19 crisis and start by October 1, 2020.
In addition to this open call, the Community Board will host another session in autumn. A total value of BGN 170,000 will be allocated to the approved projects this year. The limit of funding per project has increased from BGN 9,000 to BGN 15,000. The application deadline for the first open call is June 1, 2020.
In order to make the process easier for organizations, the application form was simplified and uploaded on the Community Board website. The Corporate Social Responsibility team of TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria will hold an online workshop on May 20, during which the non-profit organizations will have the opportunity to receive more details on applying. The workshop is pre-registered and limited to 40 participants.
Including this initiative, the financial support of TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria to citizens affected by COVID-19 has amounted to over BGN 200,000. The company donated BGN 10,000 to the ‘United against COVID-19’ Response Fund, BGN 7,500 to the #forthegood campaign and computer equipment in support of the online education equalling over BGN 13,000.
All details about the application for funding and registration process for the workshop can be found on the Community Board’s website.
Since its establishment in 2015, TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board has funded more than 100 projects with a total value of over BGN 800,000.

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