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Pontica Solutions took part in the 2023 Remotion Fest Burgas

The outsourcing company Pontica Solutions actively participated in the first edition of the Remotion Fest Burgas with the support of the Burgas municipality. The company opened the doors to their sea city office for digital nomads, remote workers and freelancers
who wished to experience a modern working environment and enjoy a beautiful sea sight. The highlight of Pontica’s activities was a Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament which took place on June 24th at the Central Beach Burgas, bringing together
beach lovers, volleyball enthusiasts, and philanthropists for a day of fun, sportsmanship, and giving back to the community.

The participants who gathered for the tournament across the region were young and diverse. The teams included students from the Burgas Free University, youngsters from the Vocational school for computer programming and innovation and School of mathematics and natural sciences Acad. Nikola Obreshkov , as well as Pontica’s engaged colleagues. They competed in friendly matches and showcased the perfect blend of athleticism, spirited competition, and a shared commitment to making a difference.

In line with Pontica’s key
#wesupporttheYOUNG vertical, the event served as a powerful platform to raise funds for the purchase of a cutting-edge biofeedback technology for the students from
Burgas Free University. The primary goal of biofeedback technology is to enhance self-awareness and empower individuals to consciously control their bodily functions. By providing immediate feedback on physiological processes, it helps individuals understand their body's responses to various stimuli and teaches them how to modify these responses to achieve desired outcomes such as self-regulation, stress reduction, physical rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and more.

With this initiative, Pontica aims to empower the young to receive the modern educational tools that they deserve to advance and excel in their future careers.
Thanks to the support of the institutions and participants, Pontica will achieve their goal of bringing a significant positive impact on young people’s professional and personal lives.

In the future, the company plans to organize more sports initiatives devoted to good causes which revolve around their key CSR verticals of supporting the planet’s perseverance and the personal and professional development of the young.
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