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Is it possible to be successful in IT without coding?

For many, developing an IT career is often about improving technical skills. However, various growth opportunities in the field do not necessarily require writing code or previous programming experience.

Software testing

One example of a career in a field that is directly related to information technology and yet does not require deep technical knowledge, is software testing. Specialists working in this niche ensure the quality of the software product created by programmers by performing tests and developing test scenarios to detect defects.

This is what the new SoftServe Academy course focuses on - "Software Testing". It is based on tasks and challenges from the real work environment. In it, the trainees will learn in an environment like that of global IT companies, will work with a mentor who will help with the entire passage of the course - from level determination, practical tasks, teamwork, and support in professional development. No matter the previous experience in the field, everyone is welcome. The course is designed to be accessible to everyone who wants to learn and develop.

Development of communication skills

Another important area for IT development is improving communication skills and handling the English language. Working in the modern business world is almost impossible without a good knowledge of English, especially when it comes to international teams, technical materials, meetings, and communication with clients. Good English is not just an opportunity to get a job offer but is often one of the requirements for promotion.

" Decoding English " is a course designed to provide the necessary language skills and self-confidence to successfully cope in the IT business environment. The course lasts 2 months and is held twice a week - Tuesday and Thursday, online. Basic knowledge of English is required.

Each topic includes grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and practice. You will learn what is important for communication in IT projects, for passing interviews in English, and for working in an international environment.

Basics of web programming

In cases where there is no previous technical experience, but the nature of work still requires programming knowledge, a successful career depends on the personal desire to improve technical skills. Then a course like " Web Programming Basics " could be the perfect opportunity to start because:

  • You start from scratch: no previous programming experience is required.
  • You'll master the basics and be able to create your web pages in just a few weeks
  • You communicate effectively and collaborate with web designers and programmers.
  • You gain hands-on experience with the main web development tools - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

After all, diverse IT skills can be a key success factor. Technical skills are extremely important in some specialties, and mastery of non-technical and communication skills can be essential for career growth. Therefore, industry professionals should consider a wide range of training opportunities and invest in their development to be even more competitive in the labor market.
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