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Scalefocus and aXedras develop a next-generation platform for connecting and digitalizing the precious metal industry

The journey of gold products from mine to refinery until the end customer is often accompanied by unclear provenance and complex B2B processes while the need to maintain confidentiality is paramount. aXedras is a neutral technology provider of a product and data integrity platform that allows full transparency for all stakeholders involved in an asset’s lifecycle. The lack of a verification and documentation solution in the precious metal industry was what laid the foundations of the partnership between Scalefocus and aXedras.

The technology collaboration between the two companies began with the clear idea that they were not going to disrupt the precious metal industry, which has solid traditions and operates within a centuries-old framework. Rather, the idea was to help each market player comply with the rules and regulations of the very market they operate in through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It allows for a private, permissible network where members can transfer data to their business partners securely. Through the decentralization DLT provides, market players can be sure data has not been adjusted or manipulated and maintain full transaction confidentiality.

The integrity platform Scalefocus deployed for aXedras is an intelligent solution whose operational principle is very straightforward: at the time of being refined, an asset gets a digital twin. This makes it traceable and connects the different stages of its journey while combining all data and documentation pertaining to it in the platform. Scalefocus developed the idea from inception to market all through the Covid-19 crisis and delivered a next-generation solution connecting precious metal industry players form around the world seamlessly and instantly. This state-of-the art platform is the first to connect and digitalize the precious metal industry making both Scalefocus and aXedras true technology trailblazers.

Scalefocus & aXedras Success Story:

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