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SoftServe Bulgaria and Teach for Bulgaria Foundation are partnering for the development of Bulgarian education.

SoftServe Bulgaria is partnering with Teach for Bulgaria Foundation by improving the digital learning platform Teach for Bulgaria Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality education for every child in Bulgaria. SoftServe Bulgaria is a digital company specializing in software development and consulting services. The partnership between the two organizations aims to benefit the development of the Bulgarian education by enhancing the functionality of the educational platform, making it easier for teachers and students, and transforming into a leading portal for accessible education in Bulgaria.

This partnership is part of SoftServe's OpenTech program, through which the company develops and implements digital projects for various charitable causes worldwide. SoftServe is dedicated to stimulating an active civil society, and the support to the Teach for Bulgaria Foundation aligns with the company's mission, vision, and values.

The team of volunteer specialists at SoftServe supports the further development of one of Teach for Bulgaria's tools, which is currently expanding to become the largest educational platform in Bulgaria, focusing on teachers, school directors, and educational experts. The platform contains practical articles, courses, manuals, video lessons, and other resources on various topics for students of all ages. The platform supports teachers in designing innovative and engaging classrooms, promotes the sharing of best practices, and encourages collaboration and professional development through webinars and active groups.

The first phase of the project development has already been completed, with the team of volunteer spcialists from SoftServe improving the functionality of the platform. The registration, login, and password recovery processes for new and existing users have been optimized. The website's efficiency and loading speed have been improved. Several more development phases are planned to take place throughout the year.
SoftServe's partnership through the OpenTech charitable digital development program and the Teach for Bulgaria Foundation will contribute to the development of education in Bulgaria. is a website for teachers that gathers useful information, practical educational resources, developed lessons, video courses, and strategies for better teaching in one place.

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