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Digital twins, meta-humans and social influence. What will SoftServe showcase at Web Summit?

SoftServe, one of the biggest global digital company, will be presented for the first time at Web Summit with its own exhibition booth next week in Lisbon. Web Summit gathers tens of thousands of people from all over the world every year and is a place where businesses and startups demonstrate their latest technological developments, and experts from all over the world discuss how technologies will develop further.

At the conference, SoftServe will demonstrate the developments of R&D department, in particular Fortune Teller and Magic Box projects, which provide users with an immersive experience on the edge of two worlds: real and virtual.

Fortune Teller makes it possible to create a digital twin for the metaverse in a few minutes, as well as get predictions about it and its role in the future virtual world. Interaction with the Fortune Teller is possible due to contactless mid-air haptics technology, which creates a sense of touch when visitors feel like they’re making physical contact with a meta-human. In general, haptic technologies enhance the possibilities of user interaction in the virtual universe or at a distance through the creation of tactile sensations, digital touch and digital texture, and meta-humans may become a breakthrough technology for many industries in the next few years.

"Today, meta-humans can be used in almost every industry - this includes a digital teacher for distance learning, a TV presenter, a sales assistant at a car dealership or an instructor at a factory. In the future, synthetic humans can replace people on specific tasks where our presence is dangerous or not yet possible. Imagine, for example, a digital rescuer providing psychological support and guidance to a person trapped under the rubble of an avalanche or building. Or a digital person that can be sent to Mars to collect information about the impact of the environment there on humans. There is still a lot of work ahead to make digital humans as useful as possible to society. And we are already on the way," commented Anna Sheremeteva, R&D Product Manager, SoftServe.

Magic Box solution combines technologies allowing to create a simulation of any object/device and use it for detailed examination, experimentation and detection of defects. Interaction with an object using 3D scanning, extended reality and IoT goes beyond the usual idea of human-technology interaction.

The company will also present its biggest projects to influence social areas: Open Tech and Open Eyes initiatives, which deliver tangible support for a wide range of community-led initiatives.

Open Eyes is SoftServe’s charity fund that implements projects currently focused on humanitarian aid and Ukrainian refugees support, infrastructure and reconstruction, education, healthcare, and cultural and environmental well-being. Through the fund, the company delivered more than 300 tons of aid in Ukraine, transferred almost 6,000 units of computer equipment and more than 15,000 protective equipment items to the defenders, and also transferred 29 fully equipped ambulances to the hotspots of the war front.

SoftServe also helps communities with technological expertise on a pro bono basis. With the OpenTech initiative, the company's employees work on 20 projects for NGOs, local and national authorities, and education institutions as tech volunteers. Among the completed projects there are: website for Ukraine's largest crowdfunding foundation "Come Back Alive", web platform for refugees seeking help in Poland in partnership with UNICEF, digital solution for the Bulgarian government in partnership with Rakuten Viber in the fight with the pandemic, and many more.

The Open Tech and Open Eyes teams will look for new partners among businesses and public organizations for joint social projects.

About SoftServe

SoftServe is a digital authority that advises and provides cutting-edge technology services. Employing more than 13,000 associates in 41 centers, offices, and client locations globally, SoftServe is one of the biggest software development companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Headquarters are located in Lviv, Ukraine and Austin, Texas, USA. The company has development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and started operating in Romania, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia in 2022.

The company offers deep expertise across software engineering, cloud and DevOps, big data and analytics, AI and machine learning, the Internet of Things, experience design and platforms, extended reality (XR) and robotics. Among the company's clients are such giants as IBM, Cisco, Panasonic, Cloudera, Henry Schein, Spillman Technologies, and others. SoftServe is proud to partner with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other well-known tech companies.

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