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Experian Bulgaria hosted a dedicated event on Transactional Data in cooperation with AUBG

“The traces you leave online, or everything about Transactional Data & how to use it”. This was the topic of a dedicated event, organized by Experian Bulgaria and the American University in Bulgaria at the beginning of June, at the office of Experian. The event gathered around 40 people, who had the opportunity to learn more about Transactional Data – what it is, why it matters so much and how, it is used by Experian to empower customers.

The event was hosted by Emil Gyorev, Global Product Manager at Experian, and was joined by Boryana Petrova, Operations Consultant at Experian and an AUBG alumni.

“Experian Bulgaria is one of the four Global Delivery Centers of Experian globally. We have more than 1,000 people who work here and drive innovation at Experian. As we want to contribute to the development of young professionals in Bulgaria in the fields of product development, analytics and data science, throughout the years, we’ve maintained long-term partnerships with many universities, such as our valuable collaboration with the American University in Bulgaria. In this way, we can share our knowledge, exchange ideas, and provide career opportunities to talented people”, said Boryana Petrova at the beginning of the event.

Special guests were Momtchil Karpouzanov - Academic Director of Graduate Programs at AUBG, and Martina Gorova - AUBG Alumni Affairs Manager.

The event turned into a great opportunity for social networking and fruitful discourse on transactional data.

The initiative was part of Experian Bulgaria’s long-term collaboration with Bulgarian universities and the continuous efforts of the company to give young talents opportunities for career development in one of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world.
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