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Mark your calendars for the AIBEST Technical Academy, scheduled to take place from the 3rd to the 21st of July. This is your chance to elevate your IT expertise, make lasting connections, and leave a lasting legacy in the world of technology. Don't miss out on this extraordinary adventure - register now and prepare to soar to new heights!
About the Academy
< Shoutout to all students in Burgas from 9th to 11th grade! >

Get ready for an extraordinary opportunity in Burgas! Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where you'll tackle a close-to-real-life project alongside like-minded individuals. Each participant will work in a team with five other teammates, guided by expert mentors from the business sector.

Throughout the academy, you'll embrace the renowned Scrum methodology, honing your skills and leveraging teamwork to conquer the assigned task. This is your chance to unleash your creativity and problem-solving prowess, making a lasting impact in the world of technology!

During the final demo event each team will present their solution to a grand jury, showcasing their innovation. The first three teams whhich impress the jury the most will be awarded at the final event of the Academy.

Tech Academy 2023 Mentors
  • Atanas Avkov
    Technical Architect at Accenture
  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Software Developer & Scrum Master at Experian
  • Georgi Aleksandrov
    Automation & Development Manager at IPSOS
  • Georgi Balev
    Security Operation Center Delivery Manager at DIGITALL
  • Georgi Karagogov
    Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus
  • Irko Stojanov
    Senior PHP Developer at Proxiad SEE
  • Kaloyan Tsvetkov
    Lead Software Engineer at SoftServe
  • Martin Stoyanov
    Senior Software Consultant at Accedia
  • Nadezhda Zhekova
    Cyber Security Consultant at DIGITALL
  • Nikola Netsov
    Senior Software Engineer at Scalefocus
  • Nikolay Mihaylov
    Principal Software Developer at Experian
  • Tony Stoynev
    Intermediate Software Engineer at SoftServe
  • Vesela Zareva
    Data Solutions Consultancy Director at IPSOS
  • Yancho Karapchanski
    Scrum Master at Proxiad SEE
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